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    - THE VEDAS -


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    What are the Vedas?

    Any type of yoga is something impossible to express, and yoga is based on the knowledge of the Vedas. At this moment, the Vedas constitute the most ancient tradition that has survived till our days, the oldest philosophic theory that was taken to India by Aryans. The Vedas are very powerful, strong, supreme logical and humanistic knowledge! In the “wrong" hands it can turn into a dangerous poison, but in the “right” hands it can save the humanity. For a long time, the Vedas were guarded by priests - the brahmans. The Vedas contain the Great Truth. There is an opinion that the Vedas are a heritage of a civilization on a higher evolutionary level and this knowledge has survived till our days.

    What are the Vedas? Where is their strength and power hidden? Why was the great knowledge kept secret? Where did this knowledge come from and who has written the Vedas? Why an untrusted person was not allowed to hear any piece of this knowledge even accidentally? How were the Vedas passed on?

    In this course we will study the topic of “The Vedas and yoga”. How these terms are mutually related and what they mean. Regardless of a large amount of literature and experts in this field, this topic is impressive and ambiguous.

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    Exploration of the heritage of the Vedas

  • Topic 2

    Sources of the Vedas

    2In the following step you will receive information about what the word “Vedas” means and what texts Vedas include. You will discover that initially the knowledge of the Vedas was transmitted orally. You will learn in what language this ancient knowledge was written, and why there was a need to write it down at all. You will also know who has given us the knowledge of the Vedas.

  • Topic 3

    Origination of the Vedas

    In this step you will learn how and why the Vedas came to India. You will also know what kind of people were carriers of this knowledge. This step will tell you about the internal structure of the people who are carriers of knowledge of the Vedas, and their interaction with other tribes. From this step you will learn that no background has been found for the Vedas so far.
  • Topic 4

    The deep meaning of the Vedas

    The following step is about content of Vedas and the meaning of this knowledge, what the keys of the translation of the Vedas are and how you can use them when interpreting Vedic knowledge. You will learn about the difficulties that researchers face in translating the Vedas, and whether they can be correctly and reliably translated without losing their original meaning. You will also learn what you need to know in order for the translation of the Vedas to be correct.
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