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    Yoga course 100. Introduction to yoga studies.

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    Estimated time for passing entire course: 1 hours 00 minutes

    1. It is very easy to study here. Enroll in the course and start studying the first step.

    2. When you have finished with the material you will have to pass a test. If you do not pass the test, please repeat the step.

    3. If you receive a sufficient grade you may continue with the next step. It will become visible only when you have passed the test well.

    4. When all steps are completed you need to do and hand in the homework. Afterwards you will receive the access code for the next course.

    About the course "Kinds of yoga"

    Welcome to the course on kinds of yoga! You are a step away from finding very useful information on diversity of yoga and possibility for every person to find the most suitable kind of yoga. Most of the people get surprised when they find out that yoga is not only about hatha yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga may help you to open up your inner potential and feel better. Don’t waste your time!

    If there are any difficulties, let us know!

    This is introductory course about different kinds of yoga. Including

    • Pre-historyof yoga
    • Yoga journey
    • Numberof existing kinds of yoga
    • Dominating kind of yoga
    • Test about the material studied
    • Homework and certificate
    • Keyword for the next course

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    Kinds of yoga

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