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    Yoga Courses 003. The first, second and third principles of yoga. Dharma.

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    Estimated time for passing entire course: 4 hours 30 minutes

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    About the course "The first, second and third principles of yoga. Dharma."

    Yoga is ancient and modern teaching at the same time. It offers non-aging methods for people to become happy. Each yogi needs to stand strong on basic yoga principles and terms. Thereby this course is devoted to the following topics:

    • Fundamental yoga principle: Principle of kindness and Principle of efficiency
    • Understanding the duty and Dharma
    • Connection and contradictions between fundamental yoga principles
    • Decision making and yoga. Formula for better decisions
    • Review of some questions asked by Open Yoga students
  • Topic 1

    The First Principle of Yoga

  • Topic 2

    Principle of the Supreme Logic

  • Topic 3

    The second principle of Yoga

  • Topic 4

    Principle of Logic in Yoga

  • Topic 5


  • Topic 6

    Contradiction between the first and second principles of yoga

  • Topic 7

    Connection of the First and the Second Principle of Yoga

  • Topic 8

    Yoga decision making algorithm in difficult moments of life

  • Topic 9

    Questions and Answers

  • Topic 10


  • Topic 11


  • Topic 12

  • Topic 13