There is much low-quality literature about the chakras in the modern world. When you want to learn the material on this topic in detail, it is highly recommended to study ancient texts, rather than their interpretation by modern followers. For this reason, we will rely on the ancient source: “The Shat Chakra Nirupana”

The teaching of yoga tells us that the whole world comprises a combination of energy and consciousness. Before we were born, we had made some connections with the Universe. The chakras are the layers on which we interact with the Universe.

Each chakra is responsible for one or another channel of information and for our senses as well. Similarly, each chakra is accountable for one or another type of action. This signifies that it is connected not only with the ability to receive signals from the outside world, but also with sending corresponding impulses back to the Universe. Each chakra is also responsible for a particular emotion. It turns out that if you take the chakras under control somehow, then you begin to realize certain emotions first in the subtle form, and then in the daily routine. The chakras are a direct access to the control of emotions.

From the yoga standpoint every person is like a sophisticated musical instrument which can ideally produce the most beautiful melody. Our systems have a central string, the central canal[KA1]. Parallel to this canal there are secondary canals, left and right canal. Interesting formations in the form of lotuses with different number of petals are strung on them. The auxiliary canals or strings are spread from each flower. If you let such a strange structure stay in the wind, it will start ringing. Thus, similar to this, we, who are blown up by the wind of life, face different situations and experience different emotions. Depending on the wind, we start to sound with lower or higher strings.

The knowledge of the chakras is very ancient. It came to us in unobvious ways through numerous sources of yoga. If you are interested in studying this course in depth, start learning the first step, and welcome to the interesting world of chakras!