What is Yoga? Introduction to Yoga.

What is Yoga? Introduction to Yoga.

Do you know what is yoga? There are very many ideas about what yoga truly is. Open yoga offers simple definition of yoga along with yoga principles and the goal of this teaching for the possibility to implement ideas of yoga in everyday life. Forget about dogmas but learn to take responsibility of your life at the same time enjoying maximum freedom.

Also you will find out about the attitude of yoga to religion and science, take a small insight in yoga history. With this course you will start forming strong foundation for your yoga studies.

What is yoga? (Course 001)

This course consists of several steps:
  • Yoga definition and the method of yoga
  • Two basic yoga principles - forming the foundation of the teaching
  • Goal of yoga
  • Classification of yoga among other teachings and systems
  • Creators of yoga
  • Yoga and religion
  • Yoga and science
  • A little bit about yoga history
  • Finding the right yoga school for you
  • Costs of yoga studies
  • Aspect of freedom in yoga
  • Few new terms you need to know when getting to know yoga
  • Homework #1 and certificate.
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